Density of all Grades of Concrete

  1. Density of M20,M25 and M30 is to be taken as 25kn/m³.
  2. Similarly for higher grade of concrete and for high strength of concrete up to M60 grade of concrete the density will be 27.5 kn/.

  3. For Ultra high strength concrete like M80 & M100 the density of concrete will be in the range of 29 kn/m³.
    Because the particle packing density will be very high, Void are very less & aggregate interlocking will be very superior.
  4. Density or unit weight of plain concrete is to be taken as 24 kn/

The reason behind all grade of concrete not having same unit weight is “ As the grade of the concrete increases

  • Particle packing density will increase
  • voids will decrease
  • Aggregate interlocking will increase”

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