Different types of Cement and their uses

Different types of cement and their uses in construction work as follows:-

1. Rapid hardening cement

  • When formwork is to be removed early for reuse.
  • when sufficient strength for further construction is wanted .
  • emergency repair work.
  • in cold regions (Resistant to frost damage).
Screenshot (484).png
Rapid hardening cement

2. Portland pozzolana cement

  • It can be used in mass construction work.
  • It can be used for low cost housing project.
  • For construction of water tanks & water retaining structures.
  • It can be used in hot weather regions.
Screenshot (485).png
Portland pozzolana cement

3. Portland blast furnace slag cement

  • It can be used in mass construction work.
  • It is used for construction of marine structures.
  • It is used for areas with high sulphate content in ground water.
  • For manufacturing of sewage pipes
Related image
Blast furnace slag cement

4. Sulphate resisting cement

  • It is used for construction work near seashore or where sulphate content is higher in ground water
  • For construction of marine structures.
Image result for sulphate resisting cement
Sulphate resisting cement

5. Low heat cement

  • It is used in hot weather regions.
  • For mass concreting works such as gravity dam and thick retaining wall.
Screenshot (483).png
low heat cement

6. White cement

  • For joining marbles and ceramic tiles .
  • For preparing joints of sanitary wares .
  • It is also used for architectural works.
  • It is used in manufacturing of mosaic tiles.
Image result for White cement
white cement

7. Expansive cement

  • It can be used for repairing grouting cracks.
  • Grouting of anchor bolts and machine foundations.
  • It is used for sealing of water tight or airtight joints.

Image result for Expansive cement

8. Masonry cement

  • It can be used in mortar for brickwork (joining of bricks).
  • It is also used in Rubble masonry.
Screenshot (482)
masonry cement

9. Ordinary Portland Cement
It is used for all general purposes and widely used for all ordinary concrete work, mortar, plaster etc.

Related image
Ordinary Portland cement

10. Antibacterial cement

It is used in places like Floors of food processing plants, swimming pool, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, bakeries, public baths and similar places where bacteria and fungi develope.

11. Hydrophobic cement

It is used where prolonged storage is required for cement such as

  1. At dam site.
  2. Near military establishments.
  3. At major airports and sea ports.
Image result for Hydrophobic cement
Hydrophobic cement

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