Vacuum Processed concrete

Vacuum concrete is the concrete which includes high water content during mixing to facility the mixing process and to improve the workability to enable it to be handled, placed it into the complicated moulds or around extensive reinforcement.
This process is reducing the final water/cement ratio of the concrete before settings to controls strength and other properties of concrete.
In other words, “A mix with medium to high workability is placed in the forms and compacted. The extra water is extracted by vacuum pump”.

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Vacuum concrete vs ordinary concrete


  1. Water of workability is removed when it is not needed.
  2. High workability & High strength are achieved at a time.
  3. Re-vibration is applied after the water is extracted.


  1. Makes concrete lower permeability and greater durability
  2. makes concrete resistant to freeze-thaw
  3. Makes concrete resistant to abrasion and impact
  4. High workability
  5. High strength
  6. It makes concrete free from pitting of surfaces
  7. High early strength can be achieved
  8. It is expensive

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