It is name given to mortar or concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity on to a back up surface.

  • Only one side of form-work is required
  • Cement content is high
  • Equipment & skilled labour increases the cost
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Applications of shotcrete:-

  • For thin section such as RC walls, shells, folded plates, wall of water tank etc.


  • Tunnel lining.

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  • Repair of RC members ( patch repair of concrete wall damaged by corrosion & water tank damaged by corrosion)

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  • Stabilizing rock sections.

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  • Encasing of steel sections.
  • Fire proofing of steel.


  • Concrete overlays and wearing coats up to 100 mm thickness.
  • Shotcrete is more typically referred to as Gunite and is commonly used for application of inground swimming pool installation. Gunite swimming pools are typically more durable and longer lasting than other conventional materials. Additionally, the use of Gunite allows for customization in shape, depth and style not available in traditional pool kits. Gunite pools can also have many different types of finishes from tile or quartz to glass beading.

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