Segregation of Concrete


Separation of constituents of heterogeneous mixture so that their distribution is no longer uniform.


Segregation occurs due to following five reason’s

  1. Large difference in size of aggregates.
  2. Large difference in specific gravity of aggregates.
  3. Improper handling of concrete.
  4. Over vibration of concrete.
  5. Improper grading of aggregates.

Harmful effects due to segregation of concrete:-

  • Honey combing of concrete.
  • High permeability of concrete.
  • Lower compressive strength.
  • Poor finishing of surfaces.

Control of segregation:-

We can control the segregation of concrete by following ways

  • By proper selection of aggregates.
  • By proper handling of concrete.
  • Applying controlled vibration.
  • Adopting leak proof form work.

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