10 uses of surveying


  1. For preparing the contour map to determine the best possible route and amount of earthwork required.

    Related image
    contour map
  2. For preparing the engineering map showing engineering details like highways, railways, canals, dams, reservoirs, etc.

    Image result for engineering map
    engineering map
  3. Maps prepared for marking boundaries of countries, states, districts etc., avoid disputes.

    Related image
    boundaries of countries
  4. For preparing the topographical map which shows hills, rivers, forests, valleys, etc.

    Image result for topographical map
    topographical map
  5. For planning and estimating project works like roads, bridges, railways, airports, water supply and waste water disposal surveying is required.
  6. Marine and hydro-graphic survey helps in planning navigation routes and harbours.

    Related image
    world route map
  7. For preparing a military map showing different strategic points important for the defence of a country.

    Image result for military map
    military map
  8. Mine surveys are required for exploring mineral wealth.

    Image result for mineral map
    world mineral map
  9. For preparing archaeological map showing the places where ancient relics may have lied.

    Image result for archaeological map
    archaeological map
  10. Astronomical survey helps in the study of movements of planets and for calculating local and standard times.

    Related image
    Movement of planets 

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